$349 Custom Aerial Shoot Offer

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Our photography is conducted to order using high quality equipment for superb detail in spectacular color.
Aerial photography is ideal for promoting a business, property planning and can also make a spectacular wall hanging that will become an heirloom in years to come.

What we do for you.
Initially we liaise with you to establish the correct area to be photographed.
We will then circle your location in the aircraft on a sunny day and shoot a minimum of 30 pictures from various angles, some will be close up of your property, some will be wide angle showing surrounding landmarks.

What you will receive.
We will deliver your photos on USB drive or DVD rom in the highest resolution. There is no copyright restrictions. You a free to reproduce the images as you wish.

Your photographs can be taken a number of different ways -

Photographs are taken at an angle to the ground maximizing the 3-D effect.
This is ideal for wall photos, brochures and websites. 
We take a variety of shots from different directions with some showing the surrounding areas plus some close up of the building areas.
Photographs are taken vertically straight down map style.
This is ideal for planning and mapping purposes. The maximum area is 200 acres for vertical.
Larger properties than 200 acres will be done as close as possible to vertical.

Would you like both map AND oblique style photographs?
No problem when photographing your property we can climb to a higher altitude to capture some vertical photos for planning purposes and incurs an additional cost of $60 to cover additional airtime and extra 10 photos.

Premium Service
We have an optional premium service in which we will shoot an extra 15 photos giving you a larger range of photos to use. Also in addition to shipping the USB drive we will upload your photos to our FTP server so you will get your photos without the postal delay. Premium service is available at an additional cost of $80.