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A Service Company
Aerial Impressions is committed to customer service guarantee the quality of our work
We are one of only a few professional photography companies who perform dedicated aerial services. We do not photograph weddings, portraits, etc. so therefore are highly specialized in our field.
All work undertaken by Aerial Impressions is shot on a Canon 5d Mk11 pro digital camera capable of capturing 21 megapixels. This allows for superb detail on enlargements – there is no visible grain. We can supply enlargements of our photographs from postcard size (6 x 4in) to wall size (6 x 8feet).

Photography is undertaken from one of our company owned fixed wing Cessna aircraft or from a helicopter. The mode chosen is based on the requirements of each job. We work regularly in all states and territories in Australia - metropolitan and regional, and more recently we have expanded into New Zealand, USA, UK and Canada.

Aerial Impressions was established in 1997 by Darren Burridge. In this time we have developed a unique navigation and property location system allowing us to produce high quality aerial photography images with minimum airtime cost.

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